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Plow Orange Gingham

Plow Orange Gingham

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The OG is back baby!! 
We're bringing back Season Ones favourite Style - the Orange Gingham Plow Hat. 

All Surf Hats come WITH the legionnaires, not separately. We want to provide you with all the tools to keep you sun safe every surf - you may choose to go with or without it at your own risk after purchase.


  • recycled nylon outer
  • wide brim bucket
  • firm front half brim
  • netted lining - reduces slipping
  • dual tightening mechanism
  • water escape panel
  • soft neoprene chin strap
  • optional: legionnaires flap

Colour: Orange + Beige

How to measure your head for a Plow Surf Hat:

Surf Hat Sizing Guide - how to measure your head

1. Wrap measuring tape across your forehead

2. Above your ears

3. And to the widest part at the back of your head.

Each plow bucket hat sizes up in intervals of 2cm.

For example, if your head measures at 59cm SIZE UP not down in bucket hat sizes as it will NOT stretch
You will need a Size Large 60cm hat.

If you size up, there are dual tightening mechanisms, pull the elastic toggle and/or the velcro strap to get a snug fit.

Orange Gingham
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