Flow & Grace is a family run business, aimed at providing high quality surf products. We are longboard enthusiasts, so our stock is heavily inspired by this.

  • Nick

    Finder of cool stuff! An ex professional golfer, who has always been a gear geek! A longboard enthusiast, who would now rather be at the beach than in a bunker!

  • Amanda

    All things design, I.T and admin. Give her any type of board and she will show Nick up (except an ironing board, Nick has that on lock!)

  • Harri and Finn

    If you find Lego in your order then one of these two have ‘helped’ pack it! 

Nat Fitt

Nat is Flow and Grace’s first brand ambassador, and we are stoked about it! Nat is riding Thomas Surfboards, and loves them. Here’s what he has to say:

Kia ora,

My name is Nat Fitt. I’m 19 years old and I am from Red Beach, Auckland.

My first memory of surfing would go back as far as when my dad would push me into waves on the front of his log as a little 3 year old. 

Growing up in the area of Red Beach, we very rarely get swell. This leads me to froth over the littlest of waves and was the reason I eventually developed a passion for longboarding. It only needs to be knee high to find me out there.

I really enjoy riding the right boards to suit the conditions. Being able to have fun in all conditions is super important to me and would be the leading reason as to why I continue to ride longboards today. However I enjoying pushing the little boards around in the bigger stuff equally as much. 

I’m recent years I’ve been lucky enough to do a bit of competing and had a few special results with my surfing. I’ve managed to make two finals at the Single Fin Mingle and have 3 NZ Under 18 Longboard titles. 

Last year in 2023 I had a crack at the World Surf League Longboard Qualifying Series in Noosa but unfortunately the stars didn’t quite align for me at the time. Would love to have another crack at that sometime in the future.

As much as I like competing, I think the community around longboarding is what keeps me coming back. It’s always a great time sharing waves and words with like minded people in a fun environment. Especially if we get to travel around to do so. 

I’m super stoked to be working with the crew at Flow and Grace and am very grateful for the opportunity. 

Cheers, Nat

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